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Located on Parallel Parkway 10922, Kansas City, Kansas, where more than 3,000 residents live, guests can now be accommodated in a new, modern apartment building in the heart of downtown, as the Kansas State University School of Public Health announced today.

The property also features a hotel, which also houses the Kansas State University School of Public Health and the University of Kansas Health Science Center. Additional value - driven essentials include a brightly lit indoor pool and a 700 square meter flexible space ideal for meetings and social events.

Families can gather around an outdoor barbecue, children can burn energy on an outdoor basketball court and families can dine in a private dining area. A large outdoor pool with pool house and large pool deck makes it easy for travelers to relax.

For more information or reservations, please visit us or call us at 1-913-288-9999 or visit the Director's reception for wine, beer and light snacks.

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