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National Geographic has named Kansas City one of the best cities to visit in 2019, with particular attention being paid to its modern revival that seems to be taking the city by storm. Gone are the days when its only fame was its reputation as the world's most popular tourist destination, and today it hosts more than 1.5 million visitors a year.

If you're looking for fun things to do in Kansas City, KC's 235-acre theme park is unsurpassed. There are many attractions in the park, and you can visit one of the museums, the Kansas State Museum, Kansas Museum of Natural History or the KC Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you end up with a Kansas City tour, you should go to Shawnee Mission Park and try horse riding. If you're looking for activities for your little ones, check out our list of activities with kids in Kansas City. And if you have older children, the Plaza is a great place to take a day trip to some of the unique things you can do in KC, such as the Children's Museum of Natural History and Kansas State Museum.

If you're looking for free activities in Kansas City, you should definitely visit the museums. For those interested in art, the Kansas State Museum and Kansas Children's Museum of Natural History are the best places to visit.

If you want to have a very strong history lesson when you come to Kansas City, then you should organize a trip to the museums. If you visit Kansas City when Worlds of Fun is open, you won't be disappointed if your visit gives you an insight into the city's history and culture. No doubt this will make you want to learn more about the history of the area, so we suggest it as the next fun venture in Kansas City Kansas.

We hope this list of fun things inspired you to explore Kansas City further as you travel. Plan your family time and take a trip to one of the city's most popular attractions, such as Worlds of Fun. Learn more about the history, culture, food, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and much more about the city of KC in this article.

We recommend you put iFLY on a list of things to do and see in Kansas City, MO, and check out our list of Kansas City attractions that promise the best of both sides of Missouri. Bebe: There are so many free and cheap things we do that it was hard for us to decide what to include in this list.

If you want to experience Kansas City, you'll never forget it, visit the Sprint Center. If you're looking for things to do with your kids in Kansas City, that's really a no-go. Head to the top of the Liberty Memorial to enjoy the best 360 degree views of KansasCity and enjoy a great day with friends and family that will never be forgotten. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City is literally next door, so it's really not a brain-teaser.

While each city has a handful of major attractions that draw people, Kansas City has at least 30 fantastic options. It is such a great city with so many great attractions that any trip to the city would be neglected if you indulged in all three. This museum, recently voted Kansas "Favorite Hidden Gem by Visit KC, offers visitors a glimpse into the lives of 19th century pioneers. The museum celebrates the rich musical diversity of jazz like no other place and is one of the best parts of Kansas City.

Centrally located, Kansas City is easily accessible from the Midwest and a great stop for a trip no matter where you spend your family vacation. One of the best places in Kansas are the live music venues downtown, such as the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. With more than 1,000 venues and one of Kansas City's most visited entertainment centers, a visit to the city is the perfect way to end the day in Kansas City.

Kansas City is also home to the Missouri River Runner (90) from Amtrak, which provides connections between Kansas City and St. Louis, Kansas and other major Midwest cities. There are other lines that you can drop off at KCMO pretty close to your door, such as the Kansas Transit Authority (KTA) and Kansas State University (KCU).

If you want to go north and hang out with the upper Midwesterners, Omaha is a great place to stay while you travel, especially in the summer months. Kansas City has a number of beautiful child-friendly places and parks, including the amazing Penguin Park.

If you are planning a weekend trip to Kansas City, you should definitely visit the area for a few days, especially if you live nearby. If you live on the KC subway, you can plan weekend trips to KC for the next few months, if not a whole week.

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